This will be played partly off of Pathfinder (Feats, and class features), but skills will work as they did in 3.5, with x4 and extraneous points for training. If you’d prefer to use PF skills you’re more than welcome to, but great advantage comes from those who micro their skills.

If something in the PF SRD displeases compared to 3.5, let me know and we’ll see about modulating that. There are things I like about PF w/ respect to 3.5 and some things I don’t. Compare all Eberron material to the original source. If you find a discrepancy, clue me in, and we’ll handle it.

Pathfinder SRD

Eberron Pathfinder SRD

Eberron Wiki

Think Batman, Green Arrow…Spiderman, The punisher, Ironman. I want elaborate back stories that lead to great, personal, villains. Let’s keep this contained to Sharn as much as possible. The occasional excursion, or flashback is acceptable, but most of the action takes place in present day Sharn. Sample Dude has both the character template, and the 100 questions. Edit him to copy the code for the pages, and pasta them into yours. Feel free to create multiple characters of various alignments. Alignments are fluid…backstory is crucial.

Villains and Vigilantes: Stalking Sharn

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